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3:00, 2018. Produced by Lorraine Feather

Directed and animated by George Griffin


As the tipsy dame sidles up to the nerdy stranger at the bar, she imagines they had been intense sweethearts long ago at, you guessed it, MathCamp. Complex spherical geometry equations mix with plausibility riddles and campfire antics in this witty fantasy spun by lyricist/singer Lorraine Feather and composer Eddie Arkin. Feather's intimate vocal drifts along a winding path of seduction, abetted by the dreamy chords of pianist Fred Hersch.


Two characters are drawn in contrasting styles in their present life of irony and alienation, while their childhood memories soar into fantastical realms of nnocence and beauty.


Another neo-soundie/jazztoon collaboration between Feather and Griffin.

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