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ABOUT: Independent animator George Griffin (b.1943) grew up in Knoxville,Tennessee, was drafted into the army, studied political science at Dartmouth, then moved to New York in 1967. He apprenticed in commercial studios while also experimenting with design influenced by Saul Steinberg and animation techniques in the spirit of Robert Breer. Griffin has made over 30 films, 10 seconds to 30 minutes long, cartoon narratives and self-referential documations, melding abstraction and figuration. He also makes viewer-activated, animated objects such as mutoscopes and flipbooks. He received Guggenheim, New York State Council, and National Endowment grants, and published FRAMES and FLIP-PACK. Griffin taught courses at Harvard, Parsons, Pratt, and through his studio, Metropolis Graphics, produced educational, commercial, and public service spots for TV. He has served on numerous international film festival panels and written essays for academic journals and books. Griffin's films can be viewed at Vimeo and his complete work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

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A Walk Around the Block | Micah H. Weber (2021)  

Interview with George Griffin | Ann Phillipon (1997)

Animation: a World History | Giannalberto Bendazzi (2016)

Animation Unlimited | Liz Faber and Helen Walters (2004)

Daumenkino | Daniel Gethmann and Christoph Schulz (2005)

Declaration of Independents | Melissa Chemovits (1998)

Experimental Animation | Robert Russett and Cecile Starr (1988)

Flip Book | Pascal Fouché (2021)

Frames: A Selection of Drawings and Statements by Independent American Animators | Assembled in New York City (1978) [pdf]

The Animation Bible | Maureen Furniss (2008)

The Animation Book | Kit Laybourne (1979)

Unsung Heroes of Animation | Chris Robinson (2005)




Furniture of my Mind [pdf]

Independent American Animation [pdf]

Robert Breer: DaDanimator [pdf]

Steinberg and Animation [pdf]


Flux [pdf]

How German is it? [pdf]

Waking Life [pdf]



Flying Fur: Willful Ignorance [pdf]

Lineage: notes for a film [pdf]             

Ricochet: 4 Films [pdf]

Coal Creek: research [pdf]



Cartoon, Anti-Cartoon Revisited [pdf]

The Anxious Pencil [pdf]

Fragments for Sporn [pdf]

Didactic Ephemera [pdf]

The Independents [pdf]

Take The B Train  [pdf]

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