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23:00, 1975. A documentary produced and directed by DeeDee Halleck and George Griffin about the Bread and Puppet Theater’s 1974  Domestic Resurrection Circus at Plainfield, Vermont. The opening title by the group’s founder, Peter Schumann.

"Fantastical, larger-than-life puppetry and rambunctiously playful choreography is framed against an Edenic backdrop of Vermont farm country in George Griffin and DeeDee Halleck’s luminous, lyrical short film, which documents the 1974 edition of the Bread and Puppet Theater’s annual Domestic Resurrection Circus, taking place soon after the company’s relocation from downtown Manhattan to the rural New England enclave where it remains headquartered to this day." -- Annie Baker 


Restoration by IndieCollect, in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art, 2019.

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