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24:00 (later edited to 17:00),1972. Co-directed by script writer Fred Aronow and animator George Griffin. Associate producers, Gary Wright and Rhetta Barron. Animation Assistant, Delphine De Pury, Production facility, Metropolis Photoplays, our media collective working in a loft in New York’s Chinatown. Voices: Joseph Krausman, Arthur Sellers, Rhetta Barron, and Phil Shafer. Music: Willa Rouder, Phil Shafer, Lisa Neustadt, Joshua Lewin, and the Symphony Orchestra of Torino (“Triumphal March” from Verdi’s “Aida”). Thanks to Lee Osborne, Gail Worthman, Fred Elmes, and David Woods.


1972 description by Aronow and Griffin: “Homer Bendix runs a small town laundromat and that's ok. But two businessmen (one resembling Nixon) encroach on his world and he is infected with the idea of progress. This leads down a seemingly rosy path to the big city, a trip filled with dangerous and hard-edged consequences.” Film shown at New York’s Film Forum.

"...very ambitious, satiric, fictional cartoon...technically skillful."

Roger Greenspan, N.Y.Times

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